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Are you ready to feel more empowered?

Caucasian woman laying on sand dune

Awaken Your True Power is a catalyst for growth, healing and change that will help you uncover the joy, happiness and freedom you deserve to experience. Through the guidance of an advanced healer like myself, you can learn how to let go of the past and step into your true power so you can focus on your dreams and free yourself from the limitations holding you back.

As a Transformational Coach, my job is to help you reconnect with your true self, nurture, value and trust your intuition. My coaching will give you clarity about your life goals and create the space for you to dream big as well as take action in a way that feels authentic. I have been called a "dream whisperer" because I am able to hold space for clients who have had pain and trauma so they can re-claim their power, self-love and joy.

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