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Elevate Your Love

1:1 Coaching

Are you having difficulty creating the loving, comitted relationship of your dreams?

You’re at a good point in your life. You have great energy, passion, and clarity around what you want — but when it comes to relationship success? You keep attracting unavailable partners. Or maybe you’ve already had some amazing relationships…but struggle to maintain them?

Are you ready to stop attracting relationships that never work out in your favor and begin attracting a healthy, long-lasting, and prosperous love into your life?

I can help you get there!

Lovers Holding Hands
I believe our deepest desires for connection and love are waiting to be uncovered and drawn out to the surface.

Not too long ago, I was looking for a long-term, loving relationship and always ended up with unavailable partners. I didn't realize it was a pattern back then. It was so frustrating.

After I started my self-discovery journey, I began to understand why I was struggling to find the right one and ended up having unpleasant experiences. It was me! Although a part of me longed for a long-term, connected relationship deep down, I was scared. Fear of intimacy, fear of losing, fear of not being enough. I wasn't even able to share that I was ready for a committed, romantic relationship with my friends because I felt embarrassed being single among all my married friends. I thought I was a failure. So, I pretended I am fine.

All those fears and negative emotions were blocking me from attracting the love of my dreams. I had to do something to change this.

Long story short; I am currently happily married to a man I cannot imagine my life without.

If this resonates with you, I'd like to invite you to a transformational journey designed by me uniquely for you. This journey will be a supportive process of discovering the issues blocking you from having a more loving, connected relationship.

During our time together I will help you transform your emotional blocks and remove obstacles and limiting beliefs blocking your ability to give and receive love freely. I will guide you in exploring and healing the old wounds that are the root cause of the patterns sabotaging your existing relationships or new endeavors. 

Bridge Over a Lake

It's time for you to get into a conscious relationship with yourself, so that you can attract the love you want.

if yuare ready

Are you ready to commit to yourself and manifest the loving relationship you’ve always wanted? If Yes, then this is for you! Book now for a transformational journey that is sure to change your life!

Coaching 1:1

In 6 of months transformational coaching, you will have access to;

1 hour x 2 Coaching sessions per month, a total of 12 sessions,

15 min x 1 Coaching call per month, a total of 6 calls,

Tailor-made coaching designed for you,

24 x 7 chat support*

A resource list that will bring your awareness to the next level

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