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My passion is to help individuals to develop a new way of connecting with themselves and life.

Hi! I'm Zarife.

Your Transformational Coach

I thought I had it all. 
I had a great career in finance, working for one of the best banks in the country for 15 years. 
I had good friends and a busy social life. Everything seemed perfect until that day, and it all collapsed.


I was diagnosed with cancer. 

Amidst my confusion and shock, I couldn’t help but ask “What had gone wrong? How could this have happened to me? How had I brought this upon myself?”

But mostly, I was mad, mad at myself, mad at the fakeness of my perfect” little bubble, mad at the whole world.

It took me a while to accept the news, but acceptance wasn't enough. I had to do more. I had to rise above and own this situation. With that, I suddenly knew I would not be just another statistic. NO! I was going to create my own unique story.

No time? Here's the



I was born in Germany and raised in Turkey. I now reside in the U.S.



Personal energy management is key!



Putting myself and my health first.



Asking for help. I thought sorting it all out by myself is a strength. I discovered it to be one of my weaknesses.



My sensitive nature! Feeling is the secret to growth and expansion.



I love hiking and exploring new paths in nature.



To help others live their best lives through awakening their soul passions and missions.

My Qualifications:

  • Core Coaching Masteries (2015) by Sola Unitas Coach Academy accredited by ICF,

  • Awareness through Regression Hypnotherapy, (2014) Residential Trainee, Ayca Saygi

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (2014) by Erol Saygi and Ayca Saygi

  • Reiki Master, Turgay Sapanli and Ayca Saygi (2012-2016)

  • Emotional Transformation Coaching, Ayca Saygi (2014-2016)

  • Power of Shakti, Sacred Wounds, Womb Wisdom (2015-2016) by Aina, Katherina Zorensky, Maya

  • Matrix Imprint, by Bulent Oran (2015)

  • Becoming Golden Age Woman, and Mer-Ka-Ba, The Flower of Life by Aygun Kabadayi

  • Transformational Breath® Training L1, (2016) by Semra Bakioglu, Alegra Reyna Benardete, Sare Elcin and Breath Coaches

  • Self-Mastery, Personal Magnetism, Alchemy, Taro-The Book of Life, Esoteric Education Dip., Healing Dip. by Louis Franco (2017)

  • 200 HR, Yoga Teachers Training, (2018)

  • Numerology Course, By Muzaffer Elif Oney

  • Certified Face Yoga Teacher by Danielle Collins the Face Yoga Expert 

Image by Byron Johnson

The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.

- Lao Tzu

Here's the rest of the story!


About (long)

I started questioning everything about my life. I had to find out where it had gone wrong. A couple of months later, I became aware of subtle signals, like lines from a movie or a paragraph from a book, that would speak to me. I started waking up to the interconnectedness in everything.

One thing led to another, and I ended up taking Reiki classes. I attended with no idea of what it was about, only to discover that it was the first step I needed to take toward healing and beginning my self-discovery journey.

I wanted to dive deeper, and started taking 1:1 transformational coaching sessions. Awareness through Regression Hypnotherapy and EFT are some of the life-changing tools I discovered during the first 9-day retreat I went to. It was profoundly transformational, planting the seeds for my new reality.

I began to ask myself a couple of questions:

What must I share with the world? What is my gift?

One morning, I woke up with a grin on my face and this excitement in my heart. That morning I knew I wanted to become a Personal Transformation Coach. Although I could feel it in my heart, I couldn't understand how to make it work. How could I do it with my full-time job? I had no extra time or way to support myself financially while reaching for my dreams.


Journey into Awareness

I quickly became conscious of my complacency. I was great at sweeping the unsatisfying parts of my life under the rug. Despite appearances, I lacked money in my life. I had difficulty saying “no” to anyone, so I was not expressing my needs and desires. In my relationships, there was a distinct pattern of failure. I had been so busy trying to find “the right one” that I ended up with no one.


Inside I was crying.

That’s when I realized I had nothing to lose! My career had not given me the financial or spiritual abundance I was after, and I had ignored the fact that my paycheck was anything but desirable. All I had to show the outside world was my fake smile and mounting debt.

Through my practice of awareness, healing, studying, reading, taking classes, and receiving coaching sessions, an incredible shift began. I no longer felt chained to my past.

Upon connecting with my heart and building trust in myself and the universe, I quit my job and began to offer personal transformation coaching services full-time. Of course, I continued my studies and explored Core Coaching Masteries, Mer-Ka-Ba, Chakra Evolution, the Power of Shakti, Sacred Wounds, Womb Wisdom, Self-Mastery, and many more.

A short while later, I went to Hawaii to attend a retreat, where I met my future husband. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was the feeling of, “have we met before!?” It was openness, trust, warmth, and being seen, heard, and respected. It was all those things at first sight. We got married in less than a year. I moved to the states (I was born in Germany and raised in Turkey).

I no longer struggle with lack of money, lack of love, or the need for external validation. I live in abundance: happily married, doing what I love, and sharing what has transformed my life.

Much love to you,

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